National Project Management Organization (Mashroat)


National Project Management Organization (Mashroat)  


Council of Ministers Resolution No. (485) issued on 16/11/1436H states the establishment of a national program titled “National Program to Support the Management of Projects in Public Entities” Target to contribute in upgrading the quality of project execution in public entities through applying the best international practices in project management.
  • Improve efficiency and quality of projects.
  • ​​​​ Establish the criteria for program Management Offices.
  • Implement best international practices.
  • Develop project standard contract template for PMO.

On 8/11/1438H, The Cabinet approved the amendment of the program’s name by issuing the decree No. (666) which states the new name as “The National Project Management, Operation and Maintenance Organization”. The Cabinet also has approved the amendment of paragraph C in Decree No. (485) dated on 16/11/1436H to be “The program is supervised by a board chaired by the Minister of Economy and Planning and it includes the following members: Minister of Commerce and Investment, Minister of Finance, Minister labor and Social development and three experts appointed by the chairman.”

Vision, Mission & Objectives

VisionTo become a program that is the enabling engine contributing in elevating National infrastructure efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability to international levels.
MissionLead a transformation process to enable Public Entities' Projects and Facility Management Organizations and create a dynamic ecosystem to manage projects and facilities at highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.
ObjectivesProject EnablementProject Performance EvaluationKnowledge TransferNational Capacity Development
Contribute to improving efficiency and quality of infrastructure and facility management across public entities.Enhance transparency levels through performance monitoring and evaluation of Public Entities Projects and facility Management Organization.Contribute to building capability and skills of Entity nationals through a robust training and knowledge transfer process.Build internal capacity within the program to deliver project and facility management services.

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