Our Objectives


​ ​​ ​​
  • Enable the sustainable growth and diversification of KSA’s economy, and support the advancement of its international rankings
  • Analyze, develop and improve socio-economic policies and recommend changes in legislations while combining best practices with local context
  • Foster social, human and intellectual capital development
  • Ensure coverage and integration of all sectors and regions in the socio-economic development planning
  • Recommend and support international economic cooperation and partnership agreements, and ensure KSA’s fulfillment of its international role in development and sustainability
  • Develop methods and proposals for improving public, private and third sector productivity and efficiency
  • Empower the socio-economic decision making process through economic research and impact and effectiveness measurement
  • Centralize and improve economic modeling, monitoring, analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Foster internal capabilities to achieve world class organizational excellenc e