Our Mission

​ ​​ ​​


Socio-Economic Expert

  • Develop socio-economic models to simulate and assist in national planning
  • Provide economic research, reporting and decision making support
  • Review and adopt relevant socio-economic tools and methodologies and drive the knowledge economy
  • Play the economic expert role in global economic forums e.g. G20, IMF
  • Develop the economic knowledge base

Enabler and Advisor (ecosystem harmonization)

  • Maintain an overarching view across gov. entities to ensure alignment
  • Manage cross-sectorial coordination
  • Cross- sectorial implementation oversight and impact evaluation
  • Incubate newly established entities
  • Proactively advise other ministries in developing planning capabilities and capacity building
  • Assist other entities across KSA with their planning based on forecasts, trends and future plans.


Socio-Economic Development Planner

  • Develop short and long term socio-economic sectorial and regional development plans for sustainable growth
  • Develop and maintain centralized collaborative platform to coordinate efforts between central and regional government entities
  • Enable planning for region level visions
  • Design plans to enable the achievement of global sustainable development goals
  • Support development of the new economy (digital, industries etc.)

National Economic Policy Developer

  • Review and evaluate policies to ensure overall coherence (e.g. national population policy)
  • Propose and develop socio-economic reform policies targeting both sectors and regions
  • Recommend and propose policies to develop KSA’s sectors eco system (health, education, etc..)
  • Provide experts’ opinions and recommend interventions to improve the state of KSA’s economy


Supporter of the National Vision

  • Initiate special and strategic projects and programs to bridge any possible gaps in the Vision 2030 realization
  • Provide support to all V2030 VRPs
  • Execute V2030 VRP’s projects mandated to MEP
  • Identify and mitigate challenges related to the implementation of Vision 2030 VRPs
  • Contribute to the design, review and evaluation of other entities projects
  • Identify, develop & incubate programs and entities