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  National Planning and Policy Affairs
 Economic Affairs


  • Building and operating economic models of the Saudi economy.
  • Economic analysis and evaluation of policies and scenarios.
  • Preparation of economic reports
 Sector Development Affairs Affairs


  • To support sustainable economic development in the Kingdom to serve the society.
  • Definition of a practical approach to the development of the sectoral economy and its application.
  • Study and propose the removal of non-productive intersections and intersections between sectoral plans and strategies.
  • Conduct studies to identify opportunities for inter-sectoral economic development.
  • Coordinate efforts between stakeholders related to the sectoral development and provide support and support.
 Human Development and Social Affairs


  • Prepare plans and strategies for the human and community development sectors, provide support for their implementation and trace their impact on social and economic development.
 Shared Support services Affairs

Five departments are part of the Joint Support Services Agency to assist in the implementation of their tasks, which consist of overlapping departments that meet all the objectives of the Agency The aim of the Agency is to ensure the optimal performance of the Ministry of Economy and Planning by providing the necessary support services:

  • Information Technology Management.
  • Financial management.
  • Procurement Management Contracts.
  • Management of public services (specialized in the services of administrative and buildings)

    The Agency carries out the following main tasks:

  • Facilitate the growth and productivity of the Ministry of Economy and Planning through organizational development, employment, human resource operations, learning, and development, as well as career planning
  • Facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the Ministry of Economy and Planning through the use of technological means and digital channels that support effective decision-making options.
  • Management of financial planning, budgeting, procurement and contract management, as well as financial operations management and reporting.
  • Ensure that the agencies, agencies, and departments of the Ministry of Economy and Planning are provided with the necessary logistics to carry out their roles.
  • Protect and maintain the facilities of the Ministry of Economy and Planning and its infrastructure through quality assurance and provision of logistics maintenance services
 Vision Realization Office at the Ministry of Economy and Planning (VRO)


  • Achieving vision through excellence in planning, implementation, and auditing (Excel in Planning & Execution & Review Cycle).
  • Meeting the scope and scope of work (Project Management).
  • Achieve and meet the desired benefits of implementation (impact as a Program Management).
  • Ensuring that the strategic direction of transformation is maintained (implementation of the vision through portfolio management).

In addition to the following departments and units :

  • General Department ​of Strategic Communication
  • General Department​​​ of ​Human Resource
  • General Department of Legal Affairs
  • General Department of Strategy and Corporate Performance Management
  • ​Advisors Unit
  • Internal Audit Unit