Privacy Policy


​​​This Portal is created to serve you, and once you access it this means you accept the terms of use listed below without any reservation and at your own risk: ​
  • All materials published in MEP's Portal subject to the rights of intellectual property and they are owned by MEP, and there may be some material that published on MEP’s Portal from other sources, therefore, those materials are subject to the content policy that belongs to their sources, and MEP's Portal contains the proper references and citation so the Portal's visitors can use those materials according to the source's content policy.​​
  • ​​​​​Priority is given to accuracy and objectivity in all published material on the MEP’s Portal.
  • ​Comments and opinions published on the portal by visitors do not necessarily represent the official opinion of MEP, and possibly contradict with them sometimes.​
  • All materials and information are available on the portal for awareness and non-profit.
  • The Arabic language is the main language for the portal usage and benefits of all the materials published on it, and translating any of these materials aims at presenting an additional service. Hence, you cannot depend on the available translation to interpret any dispute on what the portal includes about content.
  • MEP has full right to delete or not publish any comments or any participations that posted by the portal's users that are considered to be inappropriate by the Portal Administration.
  • If there are any questions or opinions about our privacy policy or the content policy, you can communicate with the Portal administration through the contact form on the contact-us page.​​