The General Authority for Statistics


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About GaStat

The General Authority for Statistics is a government entity that enjoys an independent legal personality. Its Board of Directors is headed by His Excellency the Minister of Economy and Planning and formed by 15 representatives from relevant government entities and private sector institutions. It is considered the only official statistical reference for statistical data and information in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The General Authority for Statistics implements all statistical works, ensures technical supervision of the statistical sector, which includes a system of multiple statistical centers and units that were established within the administrative structures of government entities and some of the private sector institutions, and oversees the implementation of the national strategy for statistical work in coordination with relevant entities. It also prepares and implements surveys, conducts studies and research, as well as analyzes records, classifies, and extracts the indicators of statistical data and information that cover all aspects of life within the Kingdom from various sources.

Furthermore, The General Authority for Statistics is responsible of preparing, using, updating and developing national statistical guides and classifications in accordance with international standards, as well as preparing and publishing statistical bulletins and reports on surveys and research results, and overseeing the formation of a comprehensive system of national statistical databases for various statistical fields. It is also in charge of transferring knowledge and raising statistical awareness, as well as making recommendations for public entities to develop all information systems and statistical working mechanism. It is noteworthy to mention that the General Authority for Statistics is the official authority responsible of providing public entities, private establishments, individuals and international authorities with official statistics in accordance with statutory procedures, and supporting decision makers to move forward in the implementation of development plans. Morover, the general population, housing and establishments’ census, along with periodic indicators in the economic, social, health, educational, agricultural areas as well as workforce indicators and indices constitute one of the General Authority for Statistics’ most important statistical products.

Vision and Mission​​

Be a world-class, innovative statistical reference for Saudi Arabia's socio-economic development
Provide comprehensive, reliable, up-to-date statistics and value-added services in line with international standards and take the lead in developing a modern statistical sector in order to support decision making
  • Quality
  • Customer focus
  • Independence
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • ​Collaboration

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