National Transformation Program

National Project Management Organization (Mashroat)  


The National Transformation Program aims to achieve excellence in government performance, improving economic enablers, and enhancing living standards through; accelerating the implementation of primary and digital infrastructure projects. Engaging stakeholders in identifying challenges, co-creating solutions, and contributing to the implementation of the program’s initiatives.


In order to build the capacity and capabilities required to achieve the goals and ambitions of “Vision 2030”, NTP was launched to establish the following: Achieving Governmental Operational Excellence: Raise the quality of government services that are provided to individuals as well as private and non-profit organizations. Improving Economic Enablers: Supporting the growth of the private sector, raising the attractiveness of the labor market, ensuring the sustainability of the vital resources, and developing the tourism and non-profit sectors. Enhancing the Standards of Living: Provide beneficiaries citizens, private, and non-profit sectors with improved systems of social services, healthcare, and safety.

Strategic Objectives of the National Transformation Program

    37 of Vision Strategic Objectives are cascaded to The National Transformation Program mapped into the eight themes:

  • Transform Healthcare
    1. Ease Access to Health Services
    2. Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Healthcare Services
    3. Promote Prevention Against Health Risks

  • Improve Living Standards and Safety
    1. Improve the Quality of Services Provided in Saudi Cities
    2. Improve the Urban Landscape in Saudi Cities
    3. Enhance Traffic Safety
    4. Reduce All Types of Pollution
    5. Improve the Living Conditions of Expatriates

  • Ensure the Sustainability of Vital Resources
    1. Provide Environmental Protection from Natural Hazards
    2. Protect and Rehabilitate Natural Landscapes
    3. Ensure Development and Food Security
    4. Ensure Sustainable Access to Water Resources

  • Social Empowerment and Non-profit Sector Development
    1. Empower Citizens Through the Welfare and Social Development System
    2. Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency of Welfare and Social Development System
    3. Encourage Volunteering
    4. Enhance Business Focus on their Social Responsibilities
    5. Support Non-profit Sector Growth
    6. Enable Non-Profit Organizations to Achieve Greater Impact

  • Achieve Governmental Operational Excellence
    1. Improve the Productivity of Government Employees
    2. Develop e-Government
    3. Improve the Quality of Services Provided to Citizens
    4. Enhance Transparency Across Government Entities
    5. Support Communication Channels with Citizens and Businesses
    6. Ensure Government Entities’ Response to Customers’ Feedback

  • ​Labor Market Accessibility and Attractiveness
    1. Increase Women’s Participation in the Labor Market
    2. Enable Integration of People with Disabilities in the Labor Market
    3. Improve Working Conditions for Expatriates
    4. Effectively Attract Suitable Global Talent

  • Contribute in Enabling the Private Sector
    1. Facilitate Doing Business
    2. Attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
    3. Develop the Digital Economy
    4. Develop the Retail Sector
    5. Increase the Contribution of Small- and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) to the Economy
    6. Increase the Contribution of Productive Households to the Economy
    7. Encourage Businesses’ Interest in Sustaining the National Economy

  • Develop the Tourism and National Heritage Sectors
    1. Conserve & Promote the Kingdom’s Islamic, Arab, and National Heritage
    2. Develop the Tourism Sector

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