9 May 2020

​The ministry of economy and planning held a workshop on Risks and Challenges Associated with Coronavirus Pandemic".
H.E Faisal Al Qattan, general supervisor of the assistant deputyship for human capital development, moderated the workshop which was attended by representatives of the ministry of finance, the ministry of health, the ministry of education, the ministry of human resources and social development, the ministry of transport, and the ministry of economy and planning, besides the national center for performance measurement "Adaa", and the general authority for statistics “GASTAT", along with World bank experts.

The workshop explored global impacts of Covid 19 pandemic and related international responses, with a comparative perspective of challenges and responses of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In addition, the workshop reviewed the risks faced by health, education, labor market, social development, transport and economic sectors, and the potential impacts on the Kingdom's human capital. 

The workshop concluded with recommendations which are targeted to address existing risks and challenges.