Led by the Ministry of Economy and Planning The Kingdom Participates in the High-level Political Forum 2020

6 July 2020

As part of the Kingdom’s commitment to realize the UN Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Saudi delegation is participating at the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) held on Tuesday, July 7th. The forum aims to accelerate the progress towards achieving the UN 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. Due to the unprecedented circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic the forum will be held virtually.


Led by H.E. Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan, Minister of Fin​​ance and Acting Minister of Economy and Planning, the Saudi official delegation to HLPF included representatives of the government, the private sector, and non-government organizations.


Under the theme of "Accelerated action and transformative pathways: realizing the decade of action and delivery for sustainable development ". The forum began its opening sessions by stressing on the importance of reflecting on the Covid-19 crisis and discussed ways to building back better towards more sustainable, resilient and stronger societies. The forum will launch the annual report on the collective efforts and progress made towards realizing the SDGs.


Due to the unprecedented circumstances that the world is facing and given the Kingdom’s leadership role at the regional and international platforms and in conjunction with its G20 presidency, Saudi Arabia is committed to global efforts in addressing the international stressing challenges and ways to accelerate the decade of action to realize the UN 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.


The Kingdom is keen to actively engage by highlighting the efforts made in tackling Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the initiatives made to support different sectors in facing the outcomes of coronavirus outbreak.

The Saudi Delegation will exhibit the progress of the national programs and initiatives will be exhibited at the forum including a highlight on the  recently developed SDG Roadmap in Saudi Arabia in the efforts of taking transformative actions to achieve the SDGs.

It’s worth mentioning that the UN 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were globally adopted in 2015 by the UN state members in the efforts of tackling the worlds stressing economic, social and environmental challenges.